Successful Facebook Contests

Todd Wasserman, business and marketing editor at Mashable, submitted this post to the American Express Open Forum which details the success of several Facebook contest campaigns.


Here are my takeaways from this post.

  • Build it and they will come. You can use developers to create a unique experience on Facebook where users are empowered with creativity, the power to include their friends and of course, the old standby benefit of being able to win something of perceived value.
  • Standalone will be lonely. You will still need to supplement a Facebook campaign through additional marketing initiatives: blogs, ads, press releases, etc.
  • Keep it simple. An old adage but never more true than today where technology reduces the burden of participation. It should be easy for users to participate. Upload a photo, a video, one click to vote, make one comment, these are all super simple tasks for mainstream Facebook users.
  • Appeal to the ego. Bragging rights, familiar places, interaction with pop icons. These are but a few examples of ego driven motivation factors, especially for young people.

When planning your next Facebook or any other campaign really, remember to make your goals clear, achievable, and trackable.

Wishing you success in every marketing moment!

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