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Paying attention to detail is one of the things that helps build confidence. It’s also how you can take advantage of an opportunity, when you notice a detail that gives you an edge.  Maybe it’s a hot selling item at a competitors store, maybe it’s catching a mistake and fixing it quickly.

I found myself paying attention today when my Facebook news feed showed me a contest from the Red Sox where entrants could win an internship to work for the Red Sox.  I wanted to use Facebook to share that post with a friend who had previously applied to the Sox organization.  Oddly enough, the share link didn’t work.  All the other links did.  I could comment on the post so it seemed like my browser and Facebook were working normally.  I looked at the url of the share link and here is what I found:

Now, my initial instinct is to point the finger at Awareness Networks but who knows, maybe the sun was in my browser’s eyes, or the wind whipped Facebook’s hair in front of it’s face. But in any case, the point I want to make is, pay attention, especially to new services involving emerging and changing technology like social media. Your new whiz-bang marketing service may not be keeping up with the changes of the networks or they might be having their own growing pains. In the end though, all you care about is protecting your image and keeping your marketing programs in tact. It pays to keep an eye open.

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